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Diana Nyad!/deployment_code=61873202mtdytf This lady is crazy!  Shark fest is too much for me.

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Why do I Swim…

Whatever your reason for swimming weither it be for sport and recreation, freedom and mediation or maybe you could care less to ever take a plunge, water is an essential part of life.  Water is the one aspect that every … Continue reading

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The place I chose to swim in my community was the Anderson County YMCA by Anmed Medical Center on Hwy 81.   This place is really nice and offers some great amenities. They have several different options available in their … Continue reading

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Meditative swimming to me…

Being that I am more of a runner than I am a swimmer I am going to make a comparison. I can go out for a run of 9 miles or better without thinking about it much when I am … Continue reading

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How did Somer learn to swim?

I learned to swim at a very young age in my backyard above ground swimming pool. It was a 16×24 four foot deep pool that seemed as big as Lake Hartwell to me. I remember my parents placing little floaties … Continue reading

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