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Rad Swimsuits for the Summer

If any of ya ladies (or curious guys) are looking up to spruce up your swimsuit collection, checkout They have fun unique suits that are great to swim in that don’t look as intense as speedo suits. They’re also the … Continue reading

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The Best Version of Ourselves

Why do we Swim? I bet if you ask swimmers everywhere, you would get a myriad of answers. This class has revealed that swimming is not as cut and dry as it may seem. All swimmers are different and for … Continue reading

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Open Water Tips! This video hits a few key points Dr. Menzer said in class. Swimming in a straight line, as seemingly simple as it is, is extremely important in swimming. (Diana Nyad had a custom made lane-line attached of the boat … Continue reading

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The Kroc Corner of Fun and Fitness

Before I delve in to my wonderful Kroc Center experience, I think it’s important to emphasize the vision behind the Kroc Center and what it means to the community. Since the check-in process to go for a swim was a … Continue reading

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What is Your Swimmer Body Type?

I found this website to to be quite interesting. I never thought that there would be different categories of swimmers and that each of them required specific techniques or skills. After discussing Michael Phelp’s ideal swimmer body however, it is … Continue reading

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Disco Party on Deck

When my body first plunges in to the water, I immediately feel like I’ve been stepped in to an aqua suit. There is a distinct feeling of transforming from dry to wet that can only be understood when first jumping … Continue reading

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Getting My Toes Wet

I first developed my love for chlorinated water in first grade. The moment my coach forced my head underwater and held me down until I thought I was on the very of death was the moment that I knew I … Continue reading

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