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Effects of Water Temperature

So I thought, because we have swum in cold water as well as really warm water, the link below would be really interesting to look at. It talks about the effects of water temperature on swimmers. Would you rather swim … Continue reading

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We Swim To Live

Have you ever been told not to think about something? What happens? Well, obviously, whatever that thing is comes to mind FIRST. It doesn’t matter if someone tells you not to think about elephants, pools, final exams, puppies, or the … Continue reading

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“Swimming Hairstyles” (yes, you read that correctly)

Ok, please don’t judge me! I was on Pinterest earlier today and I found a link to “swimming hairstyles.” For those of you who don’t know what Pinterest is, shame on you. It’s basically an online magazine that covers everything … Continue reading

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An Indoor pool with an Outdoor Environment

When my face is in the water, the world is silent. I doesn’t often matter which pool I’m swimming in or who is swimming alongside me because the water is the same, my strokes and turns are the same, and … Continue reading

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The Logic of Swimming (as Meditation)

Swimming alone, swimming to meditate, swimming as a release—that was the assignment. How could I fail something so simple? The task was clear, crystal-clear, in fact, like the water. Yet I couldn’t manage to swim with a relaxed mind. Ok, … Continue reading

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How to “make it.” Whatever “it” is.

It was one of those moments when I thought I was going to die. You know those—the moments when you’re sick enough or cold enough or stressed enough or embarrassed enough that you just want to curl up in a … Continue reading

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