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Why do we swim?

As I did my last swim of the semesterĀ in Pinnacle Lake late Saturday afternoon, I had a lot of thoughts going through my head. I swam slowly enjoying the brisk mountain water gliding along my body much smoother than the … Continue reading

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My Fears are Completely Rational A while back we talked about people’s fear of the water. The idea of the not knowing what’s under you and what could be swimming around with you. Well when I go to the beach 30 minutes away from … Continue reading

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Why We Swim

This is a video made by the incredible organization Swim Across America. This is their reasoning behind why they swim.

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Olympic Synchronized Swimming Still Shots

I’ll just leave this here.. Some of them will give you nightmares.

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Memorial Day Mountain Swim

My Memorial Day weekend travel plans led me to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina for a family wedding, and I’m pretty sure the closest lap pool to where I am might be back in Greenville. But I was determined … Continue reading

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Racial Disparity in Swimming Pool Drownings This article was written yesterday! I was shocked to see that reportedly 60% of african american children don’t know how to swim, while only 31% of white children don’t. It even has a picture of Cullen Jones, so I … Continue reading

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TEACH YOUR BABIES HOW TO SWIM BEFORE THIS HAPPENS! I’m just such a supporter of teaching your children how to swim at a very young age. Not even for pleasure or sport, but for safety and awareness. Kids that don’t know how to swim are not comfortable in … Continue reading

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