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Segregation of Fleshy Bodies I know it’s about bike week, but still highlights the leftover problems of segregation. The last paragraph really sums it up.

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Babies learning to swim Sorry I know Im posting too much today, but this is amazing. I know we read about it, but its strange to see it actually happen.

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How I felt in lake Hartwell… If we had taken gillyweed this would have been our swim!

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“Face your weak…

“Face your weaknesses and make them your strengths”- Cullen Jones I think we can apply this to learning to swim, this really sums up the reason he swims and educates others to do the same

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The Things We Swam Over Thought you guys might be interested in some native species to South Carolina Lakes.  Luckily we were right there were not any sharks

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Why Swim?

Thinking back to Sherr’s chapter on swimming history, it is clear that people have always swam in some way or another. Ancient Greeks used swimming militarily, then it fell out of favor most likely due to the nudity, and then … Continue reading

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Kroc Center

First rule of going anywhere as an adult, always bring a photo ID. Little did I know that applied to the Kroc Center as well. I didn’t think that a place whose mascot is a crocodile spelled with a “K” … Continue reading

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