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THE Answer

Over the weekend i went and swam in the Furman pool. I went into this swim with a different mindset. I felt like i was more aware of the little things involved with swimming, i was quicker to critique the … Continue reading

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Bringing back memories

Over the weekend i went home and swam at an aquatic center near my house named West Cobb Aquatic. I grew up swimming at this place when i was little. I even had a summer pass! It’s a big pool. … Continue reading

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The Little Things

Relaxing, calming, soothing, and enjoyable would have to be my quick definition of the word “meditation”. My meditative swim touched every one of those aspects to say the least. Throughout the swim, I swam for a total of about 50 … Continue reading

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Swimming Bubbles

Here’s two links i found with the noise the bubbles make underwater. Kinda goes with our second post. Link 1 Link 2  

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Sliding down the wall gets old…

Growing up I was like every other kid, trying each and every sport to figure out which one appealed to me the most. Being the oldest of three with a little brother, I started off with football of course, developing … Continue reading

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