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Relay Day

Although it was not a very serious swim day i thought it was still a fun and great work out to see what all we could manage to do as a class. For us to come together and make our … Continue reading

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Reaching the Answer!

For my last solo swim of the course I swam in the Furman University pool. This swim was different from most of the prior swims I had during the course of this class. I say this because now I have … Continue reading

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Triathlon and Open water swim tips

OPEN WATER SWIM TIPS this is a page that I ran across talking about things like: 1. getting used to wearing a wet suit 2. Over coming anxiety 3. Swimming straight 4. Mastering the art of Sighting 5. Drafting  

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NoticeYour Surroundings

When looking for a pool in to investigate there were plenty of options while home for the Memorial Day weekend. I had connections to get into private pools and I knew where to go for the community type pools. But … Continue reading

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Becoming One With Self

In any aspect of the world meditation has been a key element in becoming one with self and ridding the mind of the struggles in the outside world. The mind is a very valuable thing to have control of, because … Continue reading

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The Deep End!

The day I learned to swim, it was a hot summer day at camp. The camp was called Brighter Days for inner city kids in the Nashville area. The Day that we went to the pool to take our first … Continue reading

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