Relay Day

Although it was not a very serious swim day i thought it was still a fun and great work out to see what all we could manage to do as a class. For us to come together and make our own teams a put people in the right places because of their skill set by watching each other was pretty cool.

I had tons of Fun in this class!!!

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1 Response to Relay Day

  1. heatherayer says:

    I completely agree, Rodney! I thought the last day of swimming was a great way to end our class. I think we all learned a lot about swimming-not just how to swim better but also about why we swim. When I would tell people which May X I was taking they would look at me funny and ask what it was about and I would tell them it’s literally about why we swim. I know that before this class I never stopped to think about why we swim, and I guess other people don’t really do that either. I had a great time!

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