Why we swim


I went to the Furman pool on Saturday for a swim. The water was to my liking and for the first time in a long time, I was actually excited to swim laps. I definitely felt like I am getting a little stronger, and maybe even doing the strokes correctly. I’m by no means Michael Phelps, and I never will be. He lives in the water, it feels like home, and he is built for it, that is why he swims. I think we are all searching for that one thing that we are amazing at. As we learned in class, there are many different reasons why people like to swim. I don’t believe that people necessarily have to ‘like it’ to do it. It might be a complete bother for some people, but they do it anyway for other reasons. One of the most obvious reasons that people swim is because it is fun. You don’t necessarily have to be an olympic swimmer to enjoy it. Swimming also makes people feel weightless and serene; who doesn’t want that? In Lynn Sherr’s book, swimming was compared to flying; I can see why whenever I’m in the water. When I swim, I like to push of the wall with all my might to see how far the water takes me. Some people, perhaps with type A personalities, might swim because they want some order in this crazy and disorganized world and they want to feel in control. The lane lines and concrete walls bring order to the senses. One can actually close their eyes if they are familiar enough with the pool. Some find swimming as a way to escape the loud crowds and just think, reflect, and dream big dreams. I’m a pretty imaginative person, and in the pool, this does not change. Although I’m trying to keep my breathing regular, and to not go too slow, I can still think about the stressful and happy events happening in my life. Again, I had a song stuck in my head. Last time it was Britney Spear’s toxic and this time it was “Let it go,” the song from the movie Frozen. Kind of embarrassing, but I do actually like that song. I think it was pretty fitting. In a swimming pool, it is easy to let your mind wander, more so than in the open waters because a lot of focus is expended on fighting the current and swimming straight. I’m definitely an introvert, so swimming appeals to me because it’s something that you often do alone. But of course, it can appeal to the extroverts out there who find swimming as a way to hang out with friends and meet new people. Others swim to “feel better,” which often is a benefit of regular exercise. After my swim, I felt quite refreshed, and of course, desperately hungry. Swimming does burn a lot of calories and can bring people appealing health benefits. My brother swims mostly in triathlons, specifically half iron mans. I believe this is the main reason why he swims. My mom swims because it is the only form of exercise she is really good at. However, she does loves it. Swimming just always seemed to come naturally to her.

competitive swimming

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