Effects of Water Temperature

So I thought, because we have swum in cold water as well as really warm water, the link below would be really interesting to look at. It talks about the effects of water temperature on swimmers. Would you rather swim in warm or cold water?? Personally, I’ll always choose warm!





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4 Responses to Effects of Water Temperature

  1. adavis22014 says:

    It depends on my mood. I usually prefer warm to cold but if it’s really hot outside and it’s the summer I’d definitely choose cold.

  2. I enjoy swimming in cold water. Especially if I am swimming for a long time, because as my body heat increases its nice to have cold water to cool me down as I continue to swim. It is also easier to make myself warm in cold water all I have to do is swim more or swim faster, whereas with hot water there is no way for me to cool down from the heat.

  3. I prefer warm water whenever I want to just relax and socialize in a pool, but whenever I’m actually swimming much more seriously, I prefer cold water because I seem more energetic as opposed to warm water.

  4. arodcinco55 says:

    i think id rather swim in cold water on a hot day and warm water on a cold day. It all depends on the weather outside. I dont mind either, its just water to swim I think! Although the cold water is more refreshing than the hot water at times and the warm water would seem to make me more tired at times.

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