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Over the weekend i went and swam in the Furman pool. I went into this swim with a different mindset. I felt like i was more aware of the little things involved with swimming, i was quicker to critique the way i was swimming. It was a relaxing swim, yet i still got a decent workout in like i always do. Throughout the swim i started to ask myself the question, Why do we swim?  Before the end, i had my answer.
We swim to get away and relax, to be free, to workout, and last but not least, to recover. While you are in the water nothing matters if we thing about it. We are exiled from our everyday life. The feeling of the water all around your body is unreal. Like we have read, people swim to stay calm in a way. For some people swimming is a way of life. It keeps them going and gives them something to look forward to everyday. For me, its not as serious, but i do consider swimming a hobby, something that isn’t done everyday, but something i love!

We also swim to just kick back and enjoy life too. Swimming is by far my favorite hobby. Swimming is something you can do at any time of the day, given a good location or inside pool. Compared to Other sports, most sports are particularly not good to play at night, or you need a good amount of people for it to be fun and actually productive. But you can swim at midnight if you want. You also don’t need anyone to swim with you, just you and the water. Going back to other sports, it is extremely hard to get hurt swimming.

Swimming alone >>>

Swimming alone >>>

Rehabilitation is a huge part of many people’s life in today’s society. Swimming is the only sport that is used for rehab. In the water, gravity isn’t much of a factor, this keeps pressure off of the injured area and is a lot easier on the joints and ligaments. Swimming is used as a workout and recovery for non-injured athletes too. We use the pool to become more flexible, to recover from our power lifts, and at the same time we use it to bond as a team. When all 85 of us are in the pool there is bound to be some horse play after we finish our workout. Believe it or not, simply teaching another teammate how to swim in the pool makes our team significantly stronger, not only on the field but off the field. Swimming is a sport that strengths people trust in their body, mind, and also between each other(teammates in this case) !

Rehab In the pool

Rehab In the pool

Going back to the question i was trying to answer, Why Do We Swim? ,  I think the fact that you can get a good workout in while in the pool, not get hurt, rehab our bodies, swim at any hour and it’s something i actually enjoy makes swimming the perfect activity for me!

The Motto

The Motto

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  1. elizabethburke2014 says:

    As you point out, it’s very hard to get injured in the water and that’s one of the reasons why I think it’s such a popular sport and hobby. Along with all the young people that are swimmers, there are also plenty of elderly people, as we can see in the Furman pool, that benefit and find enjoyment from it.

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