Outside or Inside?

So after our swim in Lake Hartwell, I was wondering what everyone’s thoughts were on outside swimming versus inside swimming? I am a huge fan of outdoor swimming, not only do I get a great sun burn, but I also like being surrounded by nature, and of course seeing the sky. I also feel that swimming outside takes away the isolation one may feel when swimming in an indoor pool. Any other thoughts on the matter?

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5 Responses to Outside or Inside?

  1. When you are swimming inside it seems like it’s harder to breathe, and I think it inhibits my swimming because I’m unable to get a full breath to keep me going. It’s also usually too hot. Outside was hard only because I could not stay in a straight line, I kept being thrown off course and swimming the wrong way. I still preferred it though again because of the breathing as well as the cold patches of water we swam through.

  2. evabilo803 says:

    I love swimming outside. On a beautiful day, nothing beats swimming in a pool with the sun beating down. I think it’s the perfect activity that combines both the natural aspect of the outside world and the mysterious realm of the water. I always found it so interesting when I was little that on a hard swim I would get out a breath with an increased heart rate, only to think that I stepped outside of the water and did a workout of similar intensity, I would be drenched in sweat on that hot summer day. Now, I swim more in indoor pools just because they are more convenient, but when summer roles around, it’s easier to swim a couple laps out with nature.

    And as far as tan lines go, here’s Diana Nyad who’s the open water swimming pro. It’s basically a tattoo!

  3. etsloan says:

    I really love swimming outside! Although I really don’t like when I get overheated, mostly from my cap, I love everything else about it. The swim at lake Hartwell was wonderful because I could see the sun shining through the water, the water was warm, and I could see the sky. But I think what I love most about swimming outside is that there are no lane lines or wall. so I could swim with my eyes closed every few strokes. I love that feeling.

  4. adavis22014 says:

    Outside hands down. Some indoor pools depress me. I don’t know if it’s the lighting or the fact that there is nothing pretty to look at. I really liked the swim at Hartwell, although it felt like I was swimming for a life time. When I was a little kid, there were two swimming pools we went too, an outdoor one and an indoor one and I would also choose the outdoor one. It was always more fun and more free. I love when its really hot out and the pool is really cool, its an amazing feeling jumping in. I also loved swimming in an outdoor pool when it was raining.

  5. I prefer to swim outside, but not in open water. I enjoy outdoor pools much more than indoor pools. Whenever I think of swimming, I always anticipate the sun and the sky. I feel like indoor pools are a lot more boring.

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