“Face your weak…

“Face your weaknesses and make them your strengths”- Cullen Jones

I think we can apply this to learning to swim, this really sums up the reason he swims and educates others to do the same

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2 Responses to “Face your weak…

  1. Great find. We can even extend this quote further into our other readings, like David McGlynn’s “Skins,” who overcame, in a sense, his own fear and struggles with his body image, by swimming. He noted that being being half naked with his peers, who teased him, was once a great fear, which he got over by swimming and ended up making him stronger.

  2. arodcinco55 says:

    its almost like over coming something so drastically to the point that it was never a weakness at all. A person may not be the best at something, but over time with a little bit of work and practice, it seems to come natural.

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