The place I chose to swim in my community was the Anderson County YMCA by Anmed Medical Center on Hwy 81.  This place is really nice and offers some great amenities. They have several different options available in their aquatic area. Including an 8 lane 25 yard lap pool. I thought the temperatures here felt a little warmer than Furman’s typical day. They said it stays between 82-85 degrees regularly but they have a smaller pool that stays a bit warmer at 88-90 degrees. This warmer pool also has a hydro lift for therapy patients entering and exiting the water carefully. This reminded me a lot of Furman’s set up. For funzies they have an outdoor pool with a zero entrance ramp that has a nice little frog slide and 2 larger slides in the deep end. They have an area with fountains for the children to play in.  Looks great here for kids, almost like a mini water park.


Mini water park

I don’t think I noticed any difference in this pool as far as being slow or fast. I don’t think I’ve swam enough just yet to maybe feel the difference there. It smelt the same and felt a little warmer compared to the Furman pool so that makes a nice swim for me. What I really appreciated is unlike the Furman pool with specific hours for lap swimmers to participate, the Y offers at least 1-2 lanes to be available at any time during the day so you don’t have to push for that certain hour or two to be able to use the pool or you don’t’ get to at all.  The other participants seemed to stay about as long as I did in the 30-45 minute range. That being said it was a whole different group from the time I entered until the time I left with one exception. It was a holiday weekend so I do realize it was most likely the every dayers that come no matter what so they did a shorter workout today to get back to their festivities.

I didn’t really find the crowd to be much different from Furman’s establishment. They were typically white women with some men coming and going. I know the Y is a rather expensive facility compared to some other establishments in the surrounding area so the crowd it brings is typically a higher SES group with the disposable income to join such a nice facility.

The locker room included all of the typically things you would expect to see in such a nice facility. Showers, changing areas, benches, towels were available, lockers to put things away.

This particular YMCA is the home of the Makos swim team and they hold YMCA and USA swim meets. They also hosted the Special Olympics swim meet March 29th so that is always a plus to be feel like you are being a part of something special like that. They also give swim lessons here and teach regular water aerobics. The pool here is greatly utilized from many aspects. The smaller warmer pool just also happens to be where I was baptized!!


Mako swim team


baptized in the pool



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  1. arodcinco55 says:

    this is actually interesting Ive never heard of anyone getting baptized in a local pool. I guess we learn something new everyday!

  2. Mel says:

    I have a friend who converted to Judaism. Some people go to a mikveh (a ritual bath) as part of the process, but she dunked in a good friend’s backyard pool. It was more meaningful to her, if not particularly orthodox!

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