Visual Depictions of Experiencing Water

I came across a fan made music video of Florence + The Machine’s song “What The Water Gave Me.” I thought that this would be a good share on the blog mostly because we have only read texts as a class, but never really looked at other ways people express their appreciate and connection with water. I thought that it was interesting to note that the person who crafted this video not only showed many different forms of swimming, but also a diverse range of environments to swim in. Tell me what you think of the video, and if you would add anything different to it based off of what we have been discussing in class or your own personal experience.


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4 Responses to Visual Depictions of Experiencing Water

  1. elizabethburke2014 says:

    I like that this video shows so many different types of swimming. From synchronized swimming to surfing and cliff jumping. It even shows different ages with the older man and young kids. I wonder how this group came up with this song about water, if they grew up swimming or anything.

  2. etsloan says:

    Yeah I really like this video! It is interesting to add a visual aid to our understanding of water. We have talked so frequently in class about a variety of ways to express our feelings about swimming, and I think this video adds even more to our discussions. Do you think this band (or any others) have other music videos related to swimming? Watching and listening to a variety of videos could really help us embellish our final blog about “Why we swim.”

  3. That’s a great question. They do have another video that is not just about the water, but the actual act of swimming. This evidence can help us assume what Elizabeth was asking earlier, which is that I would think that this group has had past swimming experiences. The second song is called “Swimming,” the link to view it is posted below.

  4. heatherayer says:

    1. LOVE Florence + the Machine! It was a great idea to think of this and post it. I thought it was interesting that the creator of the video incorporating fire into the video, possibly as contrast to water. The ending did confuse me a little. What do you all think the significance of the little black boy and his grandmother is? At first I thought the video was just going to be of different swimmers, different ways to swim, and different places to swim but then I was thrown off a little at the end.

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