The Kroc Center


   On Saturday, I went to the Kroc Center with my mom, who was visiting me for the weekend, and uncle, who lives in the Greenville area. I walked in and was very impressed by what I saw. After filling out some unnecessarily paperwork, we finally made it to the locker rooms, which were not at all crowded. I thought they were a little stuffy and my mom and I ended up having to change in the showers. When we walked out of the locker room, I was pretty much in awe of the swimming facility. It was big and spacious with tall ceilings. The water itself looked absolutely delicious and I was eager to get in. There were two lifeguards on duty, one female, one male, both were Caucasian. I was surprised that for a saturday afternoon, there were not that many people; there were also no classes going on in the water. I would have had liked to have seen some of those group classes; I think they would have been interesting to watch. I have to say that people watching, an activity I usually enjoy, was quite boring. I must have picked a bad day to visit, nevertheless, I did have a lot of fun and I enjoyed the pool 100%. 

My mom, my uncle, and I had 3 lanes to ourselves, which was pretty sweet. I was relieved that the kids and the adults were separated. Swimming laps is not so fun when you have little kids getting in your way. It breaks your concentration and makes for a less satisfying swim. The adults occupied the lap pool, as it should be, and the kids were having fun in their little water park environment. I was quite relieved. Most of the people swimming were African American, which surprised me a little. I observed that they weren’t really swimming laps, rather simply enjoying the water. My uncle is a member at the Kroc center and he says that the demographic is usually half white, half black, which is what I expected to see.

I have to say that I liked the pool there a million times better than I like the Furman pool. For one, the Kroc Center pool was colder, but not so cold that the swim was unbearable. Also, unlike the Furman pool, the Kroc Center pool was deeper and actually got progressively deeper as the lane went on. As usual, I lost count of the laps I did and performed breaststroke and free-style. I enjoyed my experience in this pool far more than I have enjoyed any of my experiences in the Furman pool. As much as we pay for Furman, I would think that it would be feasible to have a facility as great as this one. I have to say that I liked this pool better than the ones I swim in at home. I would have loved for the pool to be outside, as I prefer to feel sun on me and see something other than walls and lane lines. The best part of my trip to the Kroc Center was my relaxing fifteen minutes in the hot tub. When I got in, I was instantly satisfied. I know I’m asking too much, but I would definitely not be against Furman investing in a hot tub.


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