Memorial Day Swim at the Kroc Center


Kroc Center Swimming Pool

I decided to spend my Memorial Day at the Kroc Center here in Greenville, SC. When I entered the center, I had to have my ID, $8, and a picture taken. After doing all of this they gave me the directions to the swimming pool. When entering the gym locker room, I thought it was an average sized room. There were two sections of lockers, and maybe eight showers. The showers were much different than Furman’s showers because it was a stall door you entered first, then it was a shower curtain to get into the shower. After I showered I put on my swim clothes and goggles and entered the pool. The majority of people who were swimming were black people. There were a few white adults who were with black children and one white couple with two white kids. Due to the location, I didn’t find this surprising. The staff who I saw working there were all white. I was probably the oldest person in the pool. There were not adults in the pool. They all sat on the bench and just watched their children swim. The majority of the kids who were in the pool seemed like they were in junior high with the exception of those on the play ground, myself, and one other girl.

The girl was maybe sixteen and I who were swimming back and forth. Everyone else at the pool were playing in the pool. I got bored with swimming back and forth so I decided to try the water slide they had. It wasn’t very tall so I didn’t expect much. However, I went so fast that when I slid in the pool, the splash caught the attention of everyone. I decided that I would try this again and of course everyone watched as I slid down the slide again.


The water slide started at the top of the steps and ended in the bottom left where it stops in the pool

After the water slide I decided to sit in the hot tub for ten minutes. The maximum time limit allowed in the hot tub was fifteen minutes according to their list of rules. After relaxing in the hot tub I decided to get into the 25 ft pool again. I had a lane to myself and began swimming back and forth.  On the far left of the pool there were three black guys trying to flip in the pool and splash each other. Then beside them toward the right of them and the left of me, was the same girl trying to swim. Her ability level was beginner, but she was working hard in trying to swim back and forth. Of course I’m not the best swimmer,  but I was passing her the entire time. I saw her staring and trying to see what I was doing so she could try. Whenever I swam on my back, she would try it, and when I would swim forward, she would do the same. She didn’t like swimming all the way to the six feet, but she finally swam there toward the end when I was finishing up. My last lap in the pool I decided to swim as fast as I could and I went faster than I thought. I swam in the “fast pool” the majority of my time at the Kroc Center.

The pool’s temperature wasn’t warm, but it was very cold either. It seemed just right. The pool seemed like it was more for the youth because they had playground equipment as you see above for children, and a water slide for children as well. The pool was sectioned off in three ways. One was for those who want to swim laps, those who want to play in the play ground area, and those who want to slide.

I thought it was interesting seeing the demographics of the pool because it was the same as it was during the civil rights era. There were of race with very few of the other. In this case it was majority blacks, very few whites, and only white life guards. Since we have been talking about the demographics of pools, I thought it was important I share what I observed with this facility.

I truly enjoyed my swim there and will definitely go again in the summer time. The vibe I got at the pool was just fun and happiness because everyone was laughing and having a great time. It could’ve been because it was memorial day, but it was blast being there, even though I was by myself. I enjoyed watching other people have fun.


After my swim

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One Response to Memorial Day Swim at the Kroc Center

  1. asuttles23 says:

    The way you described the locker room you were in is similar to the one i was in back home. It was small, average i guess and very open. There was one shower and just one big room to change in. Kinda made me wonder if people even use it. Compared to Furman’s locker room that i thought was small, this one was tiny. I’d say Furman, with plenty of lockers and 4 showers, has an above average locker room compared to this one.

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