Bringing back memories

Over the weekend i went home and swam at an aquatic center near my house named West Cobb Aquatic. I grew up swimming at this place when i was little. I even had a summer pass! It’s a big pool. It has a swimming area for kids, two diving boards of different heights, and lanes for lap swimming, and lets not forget about the vending machines either!

West Cobb Aquatic

The swim was free for us, my brother and I, as we explained to her it was for my class and we wont be long. However, she said they have a no cell phone policy while in the building and no pictures could be taken while in the facility. She said it was for her “staff’s safety”. We went early in the morning and before i left it was actually pretty crowded. When we got there there was no one in the pool, no one in the lanes, just us two. I snapped a picture with my brothers GoPro right when i walked in before we walked to the locker room. The locker room was small, you could tell not a lot of people used it, it had at most 15 lockers and only one bench. There were 2 urinals, and 1 stall. A long mirror stretched out across one wall, with another on the adjacent wall. It was about half the size of our locker room here at  Furman, but still got the job done.

West Cobb 1
While swimming i noticed the pool was warmer than the Furman pool, it felt like a “slow” pool to me. This was the first pool i have been in besides the Furman pool since we had talked about fast and slow pools, I think that was more in my mind that it was a slow pool and i swam faster at FU.  I swam by myself for about 15 minutes before the first person arrived and got in two lanes down from me. Nothing was said as he walked by, just a friendly nod, he was in his 50’s or 60’s if i had to guess. He didn’t waste any time, he simply dove in and started swimming. It looked like he was just causally swimming, like our meditative swim.  During the beginning of my swim it was quite. Towards the end, a summer camp or field trip of elementary kids had arrived. I noticed that none of the kids went in the locker room, they just put their stuff down beside the wall, or under the bench. The teachers and counselors did the same thing. This was odd to me as there was a boys and girls locker room not even 15 feet from them that was open and empty.

West Cobb 3

Quick picture as i was walking out

Before i left i wanted to talked to the life guard about the lap pool since i had came at a slow time with no one there. He said not many people come in for the lap lanes in the mornings, but there are a few people who consistently are there every time he works. He said overall people keep to themselves and don’t make too much noise. He said the regulars always say “Thank You and have a nice day” every time they leave. He also said he keeps an eye on them, but he called it his “down time” as he doesn’t really worry about people in the lap pool as much. Overall it was a great swim. It brought back a lot of memories from my childhood, helped me notice the little things i never did growing up, as well as getting a nice workout in.

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2 Responses to Bringing back memories

  1. elizabethburke2014 says:

    Like you, I didn’t really know how to tell about the fast pool, slow pool thing. I think I would need more experience to compare these pools to in order to determine this. I wonder if the center was empty because of the time or day you were there. I also wonder if the no cell phone policy was made so that people would pay more attention to their swim and put away their distractions like Tsui said about all of the technology of today.

  2. arodcinco55 says:

    I feel that the timing of which you choose to got the pool. With past experiences ive noticed older people go to the pool early in the morning to relax, and younger kids in the evening times. i think this has to do with school and work schedules though. At least there was not many distractions due to little kids yelling and splashing!

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