“Swimming Hairstyles” (yes, you read that correctly)

Ok, please don’t judge me! I was on Pinterest earlier today and I found a link to “swimming hairstyles.” For those of you who don’t know what Pinterest is, shame on you. It’s basically an online magazine that covers everything from home decorations to recipes to fitness plans to, well, hairstyles. I thought this was interesting because we’ve talked so frequently in class about how swimming is one of few sports where hair (on the head, at least) makes absolutely no difference as to how it’s styled–mainly, because its wet and under a cap. When I clicked on the link, it brought me to “the hottest swimming hairstyles” and I just burst out laughing in the library (and got some interesting looks).

Here is the link in case you guys need a good laugh too. I mean, what could possibly be a “swimming hairstyle”? Have a peek for yourself…


I guess there are such things as “beach curls” but I just have so much trouble wrapping my mind around how a hairstyle solely for swimming could even exist! I would also like to make note of this particular style that was part of the link. “Swim like a mermaid” is the caption… oh dear…

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One Response to “Swimming Hairstyles” (yes, you read that correctly)

  1. I actually found this really interesting, especially after having read in Lynn Sherr’s book the struggles swimmers face with hair care. It seems that these images are trying to make swimming much more glamourous that it actually may be, and further mystify the nature of the water by creating mythical “mermaid” styled hair. But can any of these hairstyles really work with over chlorinated hair?

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