Diana Nyad

A video of Diana Nyad’s interview on the Ellen Show after completing the swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage and being the first to do it.

I was very surprised to hear her call swimming boring! She reiterates much of what we have been saying in class about the sensory deprivation and tells about some hallucinations she has experienced.

Another segment from the interview shows a mask Nyad had to wear during her swim and her inspiration.

This is definitely not something I considered with open water swimming. I thought this interview gives lots of good points about open water swimming. Very interesting to hear while getting ready for our trek through Lake Hartwell!



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2 Responses to Diana Nyad

  1. evabilo803 says:

    Wow! Diana Nyad really is a woman of steel. I think her story is not only applies to the swimming community, but is also an inspiration feat that could give anyone the spark of determination to never give up. She constantly says not to give up on your dreams and after four attempts of her over 50 mile course, I certainly believe her. I know in class we talked about manipulating technologies to enhance one’s swim in the pool and how that also degrades the natural aspect of swimming, but I think it’s beyond necessary for Nyad. Her Xtreme team of over 35 people (biologists, medics, course trackers and others) as well as her custom made suit and mask couple with a custom made lane line that glowed in the dark were only a couple of the astounding keys that helped her finishing the swim.

    You can watch her come in the the Florida shore here. The rules were that she had to completely walk on to shore to officially finish the race. She’s been swimming for so long, her legs also forget how to walk. Note how weathered she is and the physical (as well as emotional) effects the swim had on her.

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