What is Your Swimmer Body Type?

I found this website to to be quite interesting. I never thought that there would be different categories of swimmers and that each of them required specific techniques or skills. After discussing Michael Phelp’s ideal swimmer body however, it is understandable how different body types might have to change their technique to compensate for their “unideal” body. I do think though, that swimming is one of the few sports that does not require an extremely specific body type. Reminiscing back to my swim team, some of the fastest swimmers had different body types and proportions. It’s hard to judge an a good swimmer from just looking at their exterior.

Find out which swimmer body type you might have and how you can improve!  Are you The Arnie, The Bambino, the Kicktastic, the Overglider, The Swinger, or The Smooth?

All great swimmers with all different body types.

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One Response to What is Your Swimmer Body Type?

  1. heatherayer says:

    This is a great point, Eva! It’s interesting to look at all of the great Olympic swimmers in history and realize that not all of them have Michael Phelps’ body type. This makes me wonder if there is some sort of talent that goes into a highly successful swimmer (such as an Olympic gold medalist). Even though Chambliss thinks excellence is mundane and talent does not have a place in swimming, I am more inclined to disagree with him because of this article.

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