So you think you can swim?

I found this article today while searching for an interesting swimming article. It shocked me to read that many people who claim to know how to swim don’t know 5 critical water-safety skills. Having been a lifeguard for the past six summers and read multiple terrible stories of people drowning, I think water safety is very important. Even if someone is not a competitive swimmer or even a really confident one, it is important to at least know how to survive in the water.

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2 Responses to So you think you can swim?

  1. Mel says:

    The link was broken, but I fixed it. I’m interested in the difference between people’s skills and their perception of their own swimming ability: “33% of black adults say they can perform all five basic swimming skills, compared with 51% of whites; 84% of whites and 69% of blacks say they can swim.”

  2. cwettach says:

    As a certified WSI (water safety instructor) I experience people like that all the time and it always shocks me. The first two especially, (floating/rising to the surface) I find people have difficulty with once they actually get in the water. This is why I think it is SO important for everyone to learn how to swim at very young ages because it can really benefit you later in life. I found a few (not so academic or credible) articles about this that I thought I would share.
    The one key point that really caught my eye is the “emotions that can stand in your way of learning to swim as an adult.” The embarrassment, shame, and fear aspects could easily prevent an adult from admitting they don’t know how to swim, but also could put them in potentially very dangerous situations.

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