Would You Swim To Antarctica?

I found this great youtube clip that incorporates some of the people who we have discussed in class. It is taken from a documentary that is actually based off of Sprawson’s book: Haunts of the Black Masseur: The Swimmer as Hero, and interviews open water and long distance swimmer Lynne Cox who wrote the book Swimming to Antarctica. Do you think Sprawson is right in saying that swimmers can do more than just win medals with swimming? He seems to think Lynne Cox is a political swimmer, how do you see this as possible? I thought this was an interesting approach to swimming that we have not yet discussed in class. Lastly, would you ever attempt to do what Lynne Cox did and swim a mile in water that is 32 degrees?    

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2 Responses to Would You Swim To Antarctica?

  1. evabilo803 says:

    Lynne Cox’s take on “political swimming” is indeed intriguing. I’ve never heard of that type of swimming either. I think that it’s very bold of her to 1) not only swim in 30-40 degree water for 2 hours but also 2) swim the Bering that unites both the United States and Russia. The waters between Alaska and Siberia had been closed since 1948, and it took her 11 years to finally get the approval to swim across the frigid body of water. After the swim, she was the first person to make the aquatic trek (in or out of water) in over 40 years. She is truly and iconic swimmer that had intentions far greater than just becoming a better swimmer.

    Source: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1005793/index.htm

  2. Mel says:

    This is terrific! I haven’t seen it before. I have been debating about which section (or sections) of Lynne Cox’s Swimming to Antarctica we should read: the chapter on the Bering Strait swim (which is more political) or the one on the Antarctica swim. Lynne Cox is a wonderful human being, as far as I can tell. Her books are great. She was one of the more sensible and thoughtful voices when there was controversy about Diana Nyad’s successful swim.

    Another person to think about is Martin Strel, who swims endurance swims to raise awareness about water pollution and other environmental problems. He is also the guy behind SwimTrek (a company that organizes great swimming vacations). There’s a documentary about him called Big River Man: http://www.bigriverman.com/

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