Becoming One With Self

In any aspect of the world meditation has been a key element in becoming one with self and ridding the mind of the struggles in the outside world. The mind is a very valuable thing to have control of, because when one loses focus it makes simple things difficult. When I need to get away and be alone and bring my thoughts back to center I use music and sports. Never have I thought that swimming at a steady pace and escaping my comfort zone would have the same affect.


Trying swimming for the first time as a form of meditation was very different for me. Because what I was told not to think about was the first couple of things that placed itself in my mind. As I swam for a while I began to feel the fatigue part of the swim, my breathing was irregular and I wanted to stop. But as I conquered my breathing I began to think that this swim is not to whip me into shape but instead to help calm my body and mind. So I continued to swim. With the water splashing with every stroke and kick I started to relax and just kept swimming as said by Dori in the movie “Finding Nemo“. One, two, three, breath, repeat. As the rhythm came to me the swim became easier, making it easier for me to concentrate on my meditation swim. With the water rushing across my back, and racing from the tips of my fingertips, breathing became less and less a conscious thing and more of just happening. As my legs got tired and my mind began to free itself from my body, and began to wonder about the things on my agenda for the day and less on the swimming itself. Although the swim was to rid my mind of thoughts it kind of helped me put things into perspective and get things in order. Not saying it did not relax me and take my mind off of the bad things in my life at the time, but as I said before it made it easier to focus on the more positive things.

Authentic happiness is not linked to an activity; it is a state of being. (unknown)

To have a completely free mind and just let the body take over one needs to be able to release the feeling or desire for things in the outside world and this swim is now something new that I can go to and find the balance of mind and body.

The quote above means to me that once you no longer think about the activity at hand, and the mind is present and absent at the same time, only then will a person reach the ultimate level of happiness. For example, if a person is having a hard time with an obstacle at hand, they can train their mind to make it as if the activities level of rigidness is less than it is.

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One Response to Becoming One With Self

  1. asuttles23 says:

    i agree with you with the part about the quote. I feel like once you accept the fact you’re actually doing something, and you not only stop thinking about it, but it becomes a hobby or even a habit, you stop focusing on the actual task and you begin to make it fun, which in the long run with makes you happy !

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