Drink up!

Following my curiosities from Sherr’s brief mention about Indiana University’s study of the value of chocolate milk for swimmers, I found these two sources that I thought were interesting: a description of Stager’s research at IU and USA Swimming’s reasons why this drink is beneficial for swimmers.

Drink of Champions–Chocolate Milk?

Top 5 Reasons Milk is Good for Swimmers

chocolate milk bottle

I was always told by high school cross country and track coaches to drink chocolate milk because of it’s benefits for runners, but never thought about it in relation to swimmers until Dr. M told a few of us to drink a glass after our first class swim. I definitely don’t have a problem with this suggestion.

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2 Responses to Drink up!

  1. asuttles23 says:

    We do the same for football ! We get these protein shakes that are chocolate milked base. They also come in Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, and Reese’s ! We use them to recover from the workout. It’s nice because it’s a quick snack after the workout, not only does it help to rebuild our muscles, but they taste good too.

  2. Mel says:

    USA Swimming was part of the ad campaign for Got Chocolate Milk? during the 2012 Olympics. Here’s the USA Olympic swim team in an ad: http://youtu.be/m-tdHgGATWU

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