Swimming experience

My first swimming experience took place at the small country club near my house. The pool was shaped like a tennis racket because tennis was the main attraction. The steps into the pool were at the end of the racket, therefore being more shallow. So, I would just play there when I was about 3. I spent a lot of time in that pool, but unfortunately, it is closed now because they were struggling with money issues, but I still have many fond memories of swimming in that pool. My mom was the one who taught me how to swim, obviously she didn’t turn me into a badass athlete, but just into a girl who genuinely enjoyed the water. http://www.theclubatraescreek.com/membership.html

Obviously, it smelled like chlorine which was not the most pleasant of smells but overtime, I got used to it. (Sensory adaptation, something I learned in psychology). I wasn’t alway a big fan of what chlorine did to my hair. Swimming was and is my mom’s favorite thing to do, so she wanted to make sure all 3 of her children knew how to glide through the fine blue liquid. There were never any loud traffic because the club was located at the end of the road, so it was definitely a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The feel of the water was great. I especially loved the way it felt to be completely submerged in the water. It was cool and refreshing against my skin. The pool was always really cold because it was outside, so the best thing to do would be to just jump right in instead of paining yourself by putting one body part in at a time.  It was always quiet under the water, but not always at the surface because of screaming children. I loved being submerged by that fact alone: peace and quiet. Sometimes it felt like I was the only one there and I loved that, probably because I’m a die-hard introvert.

Both my mother and father took me there all the time in the summer and it was my favorite place to take my best friend Savannah when she came to my house for slumber parties (basically every weekend). So many fun activities were enjoyed in that pool. There was also a lap pool that I always wanted to go into but couldn’t because you had to be 18. However, sometimes, after everyone had left, my parents snuck me in there. There were no lifeguards so we never got into trouble. The lap pool was actually where I met my first crush, Jeffery. He was 5 years older than myself, but I persuaded myself to be in love. I loved how swimming could be a contemplative experience where you could tune everyone else out and enter into a different world. However, I think it also had the power to bring people together. I loved to play games with my mom and dad. My mom and I had a game called “evil mommy” where she would swim and I’d try to escape her. My dad would throw me into the water and would take all three of his children to “Davy Jone’s Locker.” This was located at the bottom of the deep end. He always succeeded in terrifying us.



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