So, You Think You Can Float?

Some useful advice on floating, the most important skill in swimming.

The WaterBlogged Triathlete

The most basic drill I have my athletes practice is one of the most difficult skills for some swimmers to master: Floating. Floating without a buoy. Floating without any kicking to help you balance or keep you at the surface. Floating on your back. Floating on your stomach.

Why must swimmers learn this skill? Because if you can float at the water’s surface without buoys or kicking, you’re doing it right.

When I was new to competitive swimming, Amy Van Dyken came up to Interior AK for a swim camp. At one point, she pulled me aside and taught me how to find and press my “T” so that I could balance properly in the water. Learning something so valuable from a swimming hero who was also (at that time) the American Record holder in the 50 Free is something I’ll never forget.

The first thing the swimmer should…

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  1. Thanks for sharing this!

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